Rev. Ed Murphy, Rector.

Father Ed has been a priest for 8 years and is also the Rector for our sister parish of Grace Episcopal Church Carthage. He is very lucky to have two good Vestries (local governing bodies of lay people) and a great team of Pastoral Care members for each parish. Please let these members; Dot McCue, Donna Oakes, Chris Bears, and Wayne and Peggy Arnold; know if you need a visit, communion, or just someone to talk to. They can be reached through Helen Nortz.


Marcia Koster

Al Millard

Vestry Members

Mike Hlad, Charity Hlad, Chris Bears, Lorie Glen, Gordon McCall, Shirley Wood, Donna Oakes, JoAnne Rohring and David Katz.

Vestry Clerk

Charity Hlad

Helen Nortz


Helen Nortz


Scott Lawrence