We are a faithful communitiy of believers whose foundation is the Holy Scriptures and our church traditions. Our mission is “to transform the lives of God’s children by reaching out and supporting one another. To bring people to Christ by proclaiming the Gospel in word and deed.”

Trinity Lowville is an active faith community. We participate with other churches for a Thanksgiving week service; baccaulaureate service in June; some joint services during holy week; and Wednesday Noon Lenten services and lunches.

We have a stone soup vegetable garden as well as a quiet garden. The quiet garden is one of 300 around the world that offer space for thought, prayer, and quiet in our busy times.

We are a partner of Trinity, Wall St. and are able to bring programs that they offer to Trinity Lowville. We are also a member of Green Faith of New Jersey. Green faith is a multifaith-based group which strives to assist churches and other houses of worship in energy conservation and sustainability in programs of ministry.

-Father Ed